March 1, 2012

Campus Involvement

Theta Chi provides its Brothers with the network and resources they need to succeed on and off campus. Theta Chi falls second to none in involvement and leadership.

In just over a decade Theta Chi Fraternity has produced:
➢ Five Florida Blue Key Presidents
➢ Four Student Body Presidents
➢ Two Homecoming General Chairmen
➢ One Gator Growl Producer
➢ Twelve Student Government Productions Chairmen
➢ Sixty+ Florida Blue Key Members

Recent Theta Chi Involvement Includes:Major Involvement:

Student Government
• SG SenatePresident Pro-Tempore, Joey Michaels
• Assistant Supervisor of Elections, Kyle Rodriguez
• SG Senators: Dillon Knox, Brenden Collins, Chandler Collins, Andre Nunes, Dakota Woll, Kenny Heidegger, Conner Poplewko, and Douglas Innocent

Swamp Party

• Treasurer, Erich Krzyzak
• Associate Party Chair, Bobby Finigan

Homecoming & Gator Growl

• Director of University Services, Griffin Tillis
• Director of Operations, Alex DesRosiers
• Director of Campus Outreach, Joey Michaels
• Director of Sponsorships & Solicitations, Josh Pittell
• Director of Gator Gallop, Teddy Oliver
• Director of Video Camera, Andrew Gioia

Florida Blue Key

• FBK President, Garrick Harding
• FBK Senator, Joey Michaels

• Brothers inducted into Florida Blue Key this past year: Josh Pittell, Griffin Tillis, Josh Jacobs, Joey Michaels, Dimittri Delevry, Michael Dallesandro, Kyle Rodriguez, and Adam Droz, Brad Wheeler, Bobby Finnigan, Jesse Sands, Grant Sinnott, Erich Krzyzak

• FBK Speech & Debate Tournament, Administrative Assistant, JV Mennie
• FBK Speech & Debate Tournament, Director of Policy, Grant Sinnott

• FBK Speech & Debate Tournament, Assistant Director of Registration and Recruitment, Giancarlos Rodriguez
• FBK Speech & Debate Tournament, Assistant Director of Outreach, Jay Agarwal

Student Government Productions, SG Agency
• SGP Comptroller, Dillon Knox
• SGP Assistant Comptroller, Paul Bikowitz
• SGP Chairman, Bobby Finigan
• SGP Director of Promotional Items, Brenden Collins and Fernando Miranda
• SGP Director of Ticketing, Daniel Larkin and Chris Calhoun
• SGP Director of Day of Show, Chandler Collins
• SGP Vice Chair of Solicitations, Jesse Archambault
• SGP Swamp Records Secretary and Assistant Head Director, Reid Casey and Mark Maguire

Gators Going Green, SG Agency
• Chairman, Dakota Woll
• Director of Communications, Matthew Glover
• Director of Finance, Paul Bikowitz
• Assistant Director of Operations, Ross Hughes
• Assistant Director of Internal Communications, Dylan Pappas
• Assistant Director of Media Relations, Eduardo Martinez

Presidential Committees
• Reitz Union Board of Managers, Joey Michaels
• Rec Sports Board of Directors, Josh Pittell
• O’Connell Center Chairman of the Activities Committee, Rob Sabis

Dance Marathon
• Dance Marathon Operations Overall, Brad Wheeler
• Theta Chi has five brothers elected as Dance Marathon Captains in the categories of Community Events, Hospitality, Marketing, and Operations.

Virgil Hawkins Pre-Law Society
• President, Michael Livers
• Secretary, Kenny Heidegger
• Treasurer, Ross Hughes

Gator Smiles
• President, Jacob Isenberg
• Treasurer, Chris Schloss

• Directors, Kyle Rodriguez, Ben Clark and Kevin Casamayor

• Brothers are also holding numerous other positions within IFC, FBK Speech and Debate, UAA, FLC, Student Government Cabinet, ACCENT, Cicerones, Pre-Med AMSA, STAAR, Jewish Student Union, ASA, HSA, BSU, and many others.



• UF Men’s Club Ice Hockey, Kevin Masaro
• UF Men’s Club Soccer, Steve “The Man” Mack, Eion Oosterbaan and Nate Phillips
• UF Men’s Club Tennis, Mark Maguire and Justin Poon
• UF Men’s Club Swim Team, Leonard Norwillo
• UF Men’s Club Rugby, Chandler Collins
• Video Intern for UF Men’s Basketball Team, Stefan Valdes
• Orange League Tennis Champions
• Orange League Softball Champions
• Fraternity League Softball Semifinalist 2011
• Fraternity League Semifinalist 2011
• 2nd Place Orange League Football
• 2nd Place Fraternity League Basketball 2011
• 3rd Place Fraternity League Soccer 2012
• 3rd Place Fraternity League Racquetball 2012
• Highest Scorer in Fraternity League Basketball, Brother Mike Bernhard


Theta Chi men understand the importance of giving back to the community. In an effort to positively impact the University of Florida and the larger community Theta Chi avidly participates in every sorority ran philanthropy at the University of Florida, raising thousands for national charities annually and holding our own annual philanthropy as well.

• 1st Place: Kappa Alpha Theta Capture the Flag 2014
• 1st Place: Kappa Delta Paintball Tournament 2012
• 1st Place: Kappa Delta Paintball Tournament 2011
• 1st Place: Kappa Alpha Theta Dodgeball Tournament 2011
• Brother Michael Dallesandro, Delta Gamma Anchorman 2012
• 2nd Place: Delta Gamma Anchor Splash 2013
• 2nd Place: Tri-Delt Triple Play 2012
• 2nd Place: Chi Omega Sandblast 2012
• 3rd Place: Alpha Omicron Pi Mr. UF 2012
• 3rd Place: Delta Zeta Clay Classic 2011
• 3rd Place: Kappa Alpha Theta Dodgeball Tournament 2010
• 3rd Place: Zeta Tau Alpha’s Mr. King of Queens 2011

Theta Chi teams up every semester with sororities such as Delta Gamma, Kappa Delta, Alpha Omicron Pi, Kappa Alpha Theta, and Tri-Delt to complete additional community service projects.

In Fall 2012, Theta Chi won the “Greek Collaboration Award” at the Greek Awards Banquet for its conscious efforts in collaborating with other sororities to plan and then implement numerous community service and philanthropic events.

Careers & Internships:
Brothers of Theta chi receive internship and job offers to many prestigious companies across various industries. A short list includes:

  • KPMG
  • General Electric
  • JP Morgan
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Jefferies LLC.
  • Boston Partners Asset Management
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Capital One
  • Harris Corporation
  • Northrop Grumann
  • Cameron International
  • Accenture
  • Gartner Consulting
  • Aerojet
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • Ernst & Young
  • MasTech
  • AIG
  • Miami Dolphins

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