March 1, 2012


A message from the Alumni Relations Chair

A Message from the Alumni Relations Chairman

As the 2012-2013 school year approaches, Tau Chapter has much to look forward to. With the anticipation of a new era of Theta Chi Fraternity at the University of Florida, we can’t help but first, thank our alumni. As a consequence of your continued support, we are advancing towards our goals, as they quickly become a reality. Hearing stories of success, both new and old, always serves as a reminder that what we experience as undergraduates at Tau Chapter today is a result of the legacy you left behind. The undergraduates express their utmost appreciation for the efforts and strides you have made regarding all facets of Tau Chapter, and notably, the housing campaign. We are grateful for all that you’ve done and highly anticipate all that you will continue to do with this effort.

The undergraduates of Tau Chapter were also thrilled to have the opportunity to meet many of you at the most recent Homecoming Reunion. With more alumni coming out than ever, we are proud to host the annual event and are eager for the next Homecoming Reunion this Fall. We also invite you to read our bi-annual newsletter, Tau Topics, as a means to remain as informed as possible about the improvements made at Tau Chapter. This year we hope to continue to improve our communication with you in an effort to unite all current and past Theta Chi Men, so please do not hesitate to contact us or stop by, after all, it is still your home too.

Alumni, look forward to an exciting year at Tau Chapter. We have big plans for the upcoming school year and we hope to share all of them with you.

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